Elena Yakovleva

an impressionist painter

Welcome to my website. My name is Elena and I’m an artist specialized in impressionism. I am currently living and working in Moscow. I adore nature and travel a lot. I like to visit new places and meet different people. All this gives me new emotions and feelings and inspires me to create pictures filled with warmth and love. I can describe myself as happy person due to the fact that I’m doing that I really love and I’m very glad to share all that with you.

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More than 20 years I work as landscape designer professionally. I create garden design for private customers. I do my job successfully and love it a lot. But I would like to use my talents more and I decided to become an oil painter. It’s pleasure for me to share my own mood, emotions with people. It’s unbelievable to imagine what I feel when I’m in close contact with nature. I decided to achieve my desire and I started to explore different exhibitions, get in touch with artists, watch movies about art. Finally I understood that French impressionists are really inspiring me. I was admired of their vision of our world, game of lights and shadows and how they express everything on canvas. I have started to learn video lessons of art, read a lot of professional literature about art. As a result, I got more involved and I felt ready to try my first oil painting. I found art school for adults where my first masterpiece had appeared. Since that time art became an important part of my life. Mostly my works express landscapes. As for me art is about feelings and I do it from my heart and soul.

When I’m travelling around the world I always notice how different and incredible nature is. Even there are variety of lands, the common is their natural beauty. If my paintings inspire someone to start his artist’s career or to think how to save our  unique nature or just cause a smile I will be happy.

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